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Happy world of

Dri Dri Gelato


DriDri Tablet

My name is Dri Dri and this is my Story!
I explore the World to select the best ingredients...

...To make the magical Gelato, my grandfather taught me

our Gelato is so special,
that makes people happy

Dri Dri

The Gelato Dreamer

Our Gelato is also healthy, made with a lot of fresh milk...

...And with a secret ingredient that we only know

Dri Dri Gelato is so precious that needs to be kept safe inside our special Pozzetti Counter


Dri Dri's Grandfather and Inspiration

You can spot me sniffing my way towards the most delicious cocoa beans in the African Jungle...

...or running through a strawberry field to picking just the ripest ones


Dri Dri's Sidekick and Food Guru

Beware of Mr Junk. He is trying to discover the secrets of our magical Gelato

He makes ice cream full of colorants and additives so he can show it in an open display

Now you know...when you can see the ice cream,
Mr Junk is behind it!

Mr Junk

Dri Dri's Nemesis